China paint bucket mould manufacturers is a tool used in the plastic processing industry to match with plastic molding machines to give plastic products a complete configuration and precise dimensions

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So far ,we have made various types of battery case molds such as NS40,N40/NS60,N50/NS70,N70/N90,N100/NS120,N120/N135,N150/N165,N180/N200,LB1/L1,LB2/L2,LB3/L3,L4,L5 Japanese and European standards.

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New Star was good at making various range of dustbin, trash bin, waste bin and garbage bin moulds. With more than 10 years experience of design and mold making for indoor and outdoor dustbins. with high efficiency cooling system will shorten the injection cycle time, as a result to save more machining cost and time.

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Domestic excellent mold brand New Star mould, to promote the road of Chinese manufacturing upgrade

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New Star mould factory has extensive experience in producing thin wall product molds,especially plastic injection disposable lunch boxes mold,food container moldings Thinwall mould injection technical tips:

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New Star Mould is a professional China Commodity mould Manufacturers and Commodity Mould Suppliers. It was established in 2010, with 80employees, 5000m² plant areas and equipped with 22 machines for mold tooling.

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The difference between standard mold base and non-standard  mould baseStandard mold base processing equipment is mainly milling machines, grinding machines and drilling machines. The milling machine and the grinding machine process 6 faces to the spe

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What is mold base?A complete set of molds for the production of specific powder products by pressing or recompressing.In addition, the support of the mold is also called the mold base. For example, the die-casting machine combines and fixes the various parts o

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