Standard and non-standard mold bas

2019-12-4 15:12:30

The difference between standard mold base and non-standard  mould base

Standard mold base processing equipment is mainly milling machines, grinding machines and drilling machines. The milling machine and the grinding machine process 6 faces to the specified size. The drilling machine will not require high precision on the mold frame: for example, screw holes, hole holes for drilling holes, and tapping. The basic requirement of a standard formwork is that it requires a smooth mold opening. The smoothness of the mold opening is directly related to the precision of the four guide post holes. Therefore, in general, it is necessary to use a CNC vertical machining center for rapid drilling and then boring to achieve precision.

The non-standard mold base is based on the above-mentioned standardized mold base, and then finished. The finishing mentioned here refers to the cavity (module frame) required for the other set of molds except for the four guide post holes, the fine positioning, the lock module, the water path (heating/cooling fluid passage), the thimble hole, etc. . As a result, mold manufacturers can directly install their processed mold cores (cores) for trial production and plastic product production.