Mould base development direction

2019-12-4 15:09:08

The future development direction of mold base manufacturing

In the manufacturing process, especially in the process of industrial production of mechanical parts, various functional parts must be formed by the formwork. Nowadays, more and more production companies use plastic mold bases to produce parts and processes, which also reduces production costs for enterprises.

In recent years, China’s plastic formwork has developed rapidly. At present, the proportion of plastic formwork in the entire formwork industry is about 30%, and the proportion in the import and export of formwork is as high as 50-70%. With the rapid development of domestic industry pillars such as machinery, automobiles, home appliances, electronic information and building materials, this proportion will continue to increase.

According to experts’ prediction, the overall heat trend of the mold base market is stable and upward. In the future mold base market, the development speed of plastic mold bases will be higher than that of other mold bases, and the proportion in the mold base industry will gradually increase.

Due to the complex shape and flexible design of plastic parts, there are high requirements for formwork materials, design level and processing equipment. However, there is still a big gap between the design and manufacture level of mold bases in China compared with developed foreign countries. The three major bottlenecks in the development of the formwork industry are: first, increase the research and development of plastic materials and injection molding technology; second, mold enterprises should develop to the park and accelerate resource integration; third, the tooling level test results and other tooling levels must be followed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the development of plastic formwork will be restricted