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Taizhou New Star Mould Co.,Ltd.are located in  Huangyan District, since its inception 10 years beginning mainly in the production of daily necessities mainly die.
There mold styling department, production department, quality control department, technology department formed a group of skilled, high-quality team, strict management and advanced equipment.
Die sets monthly sales in 50-80sets , mainly chair mold, table mold, bucket mold, basket mold, dustbin mold, storage box mold, baby bathtub mold, flowerpot mold, crate mold, washbasin mold, drawer mold, stool mold, basket mold production-based, and are mainly exported to Europe, North America, Russia, Asia and North Africa.
Due to the high quality and good after-sales service, NEW STAR  mold and has many customers to establish a good long-term cooperation.